About Us

Rosendal Asset Developmen Ltd. is a fast growing real estate developer company in Bangladesh. The   company incorporated in 2011. The company runs by a well   organized team of management expertise, dynamic sales and marketing   team, proficient architects, skilled structural engineers and other   competent professionals. These are the qualities that have made Rosendal Asset Development Ltd. a standout in residential & commercial real estate   developer in capital city Dhaka. Rosendal Asset Development Ltd. exhibits superior development   expertise not lust building the project uptakes, but also in completing   the planned construction work well within the target time. The company   ensures maximization of the expected return for the land owner as well   as optimum satisfaction of customers with maintain of proper handover   deadline. The company carefully attends to the amenities, landscaping   and architectural features that the complement of the working and living   environment of every projects. During the inception of the business a large number of  projects are  signed to develop in very impressive and suitable location  in Dhaka. Accordingly construction work is  running very  swiftly. We are proud to our overall activities or  achievement of our  ultimate goal and fulfillment of commitment to the  stake holders.